~An online in real time 4 part workshop at Zoom~

Begins Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 9:00 am

☀️Simply the most comprehensive program to develop your intuition on  PLANET EARTH!☀️

☀️  Workshop  video is available to all students after each session
if you are not able to join on the dates listed below!☀️


 "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

~Albert Einstein

Four sessions online in real time video workshop!
with ZOOM.

☀️ Begins Weekly for 4 Weeks ☀️

☀️Sat., Jan. 18 - 25 - Feb. 1 - 8 


 9am  - 10:30 am

Tuition: $150 

☀️There are many fine persons teaching Intuition Development on Planet Earth. I am one of them. What possibly makes me one of the most effective is this:  40 years sustaining a private intuitive/psychic counseling practice through which I've developed a clientele spanning the globe from the US to Mexico, Canada, China, Europe and Japan...primarily through word of mouth...and that says a lot!☀️

ARE YOU AWARE that it is possible to know more about anything you want to know about and have deeper insight into.....even if you don't know anything  about it consciously? I'm here to show you how this is possible by teaching you how to CONSCIOUSLY access your intuition.

Intuition is direct perception, the difference between thinking and knowing. It enables insight into the very essence of things.

The foundation of my teaching is consistent... to strip away the mystery of intuition and show how to effortlessly and Consciously access this very natural and profound source of wisdom and insight for anything you desire more knowledge about. ...whether it's furthering your own life, helping others, or simply gaining insight wherever your interests lie...

My style of teaching is direct, with significant information imparted in the clearest and most concise way. This is what I am known for in teaching and private consultations. My intention is for you to experience, understand, absorb, and apply what you have learned when you leave.

Join me in this 4 session course   for your journey of discovery and revelation!



The Key to Awaken Conscious Intuition

☀️Meet Your Intuitive Guide

☀️Learn how it is possible to 'read' any person, place or thing...any time,anywhere.

☀️Your intuition is ALWAYS present. Access it  CONSCIOUSLY whenever  you choose.

☀️Intuitive decision making and problem solving.

☀️The Language Of Intuition - the variety of ways your intuition communicates with you, and how  to recognize its language

A Few Testimonials...

☀️"Absolutely fabulous! I have been to seminars, workshops, lectures, from Wayne Dyer to Jack Canfield, to Omega. Marina's 'Master Your Intuition' was easily the most profound experience I have had to date in regards to personal application of the information. I walked in not trusting my intuition. I walked out with a deep sense of self awareness and total trust in my intuition. The information was presented in a non-intimidating way, with Marina's complete support in the participant's process of understanding. WOW! Thank you, Marina, for such a wonderful gift. I am forever grateful!"

-Alison Mewer Cowan, Life Coach

☀️"Marina is a wonderful teacher. She combines wit and personal examples that are relative to teaching in an effective way. Marina is a natural teacher. She is a very valuable icon in our community. Thank you, Marina for making this possible."

-Donna Bird, CSW, Therapist


Tuition - $150

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