Marina Petro

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Consultation with a skilled intuitive can be a valuable resource for insight, clarity, healing, getting to the source of problematic areas, and expediting creative solutions.

How I work...

I function as a catalyst to help my clients restore harmony to their lives. The value of my service is the ability to 'see' into your life and provide clear and useful information and insight to the concerns and questions you present.

My gift enables me to 'see' into the past, present and the unfolding future simultaneously. This makes it possible to predict the most likely consequences of what is presently in motion in your life. I can then provide you with new strategies, options, and guidance, anchored in an expedient, spiritually correct, and positive direction. By spiritually correct, I mean: guidance that is anchored in integrity and considers the highest good for all concerned.

I sometimes view my work as 'timely intervention.' A Chinese proverb states: "If we do not change our direction, we are liable to end up where we are headed." Every situation and relationship you encounter has more than one possible outcome. How you choose to interact and respond will influence the outcome.


I am considered a full range intuitive. My abilities embrace the complete range of psychic/intuitive receptivity. This includes: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. These natural talents, coupled with a highly developed capacity to focus my attention, enables me to explore, in depth, just about any life situation or topic that a person presents.

Clients typically consult me for:

  • Insight Into Relationships
  • Decisions being Contemplated
  • Insight Into Oneself
  • Health Concerns & Directives
  • Spiritual Directives
  • Business & Career
  • Future Possibilities
  • Concerns with Family & Children
  • Creative Potentials and Gifts
  • Past Lives

 Fee: $175/one-hour session

Telephone sessions exclusively at this time

Telephone Sessions

I require a photo of you and payment of $175 prior to your appointment.

To expedite your consultation you may send your photo as an email attachment (Be sure to include your telephone number) and remit payment via PayPal at the Paypal link/button above.  Please-no photos with sunglasses.

To make an appointment or for more information...

Phone me at:  518-583-7280
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