About Marina

Marina Petro
Marina Petro

"Painting the magnificent beauty of heaven and earth through my vision"

I am an artist, author, intuitive consultant,  and  present workshops in Intuitive Painting and Developing Intuition and Psychic gifts.

I paint what I love...what inspires me. Inspiration can come from simple everyday objects, driving through the countryside or city, or from my creative imagination. I love many things and seek to express the awesome beauty of this magnificent creation of Heaven and Earth through my paintings.

I work primarily with oil on canvas, with the exception of  my bold abstract “From The Zone” Series which are rendered with mixed media on canvas. My paintings range from contemporary, visionary, spiritual and celestial paintings, to realistic landscapes, still life and abstract works.

I have participated with ‘The Daily Painters’  for several years. We
are a group of artists

worldwide who typically paint daily and post each piece as it is created at our painting blogs.   I have accepted an invitation to participate in the international "Bridging Heaven & Earth" project. This is a collaboration of artists all over the world creating a work of art with the theme of bridging heaven and earth - the spiritual with the earthly. It is considered a world wide energy amplifying process, using art and the collective energies of many, to bring more light and love into this world.

My artwork has been used to illustrate magazine articles, music CD covers, wine collections, business stationery, and featured in a variety of publications and national magazines. My paintings and prints are being enjoyed daily in private collections all over the world.

I hope you enjoy your visit and are inspired by my artwork!

Artist Statement

I am driven to create. It is an inescapable force that flows from the very depths of my being. Art enables us to glimpse and experience Divine Manifestation. The "Great Creator" continuing the spirit of creation through the world's artists. Painting is my essential link to the sacred.

Many of my paintings are created intuitively from my imagination and spirit. Painting from my inner world demands existing in the moment--responding to impulses and impressions as they arise and seek external life. My still life pieces and more realistic landscapes and florals are painted from life or photographs.  This provides the dynamic of a visual reference point in the external world--a radically different experience. One is my internal, spiritual world brought forth into visibility. The other brings the external world into, and through me, for expression. Each is a great adventure, providing unlimited possibilities for creative discovery.

My attempts at art lay in vain, in light of what I know is possible to express.  Each work, always incomplete, never quite fully expressing what I sense is possible.  I continue to extend myself--to go beyond where I have been--to practice--to unfold--to stay open and alert--aspiring to the masterpiece that may some day come close to expressing the inexpressible beauty of the world we can see, and the worlds just hidden from view.