SCROLL DOWN to view the individual galleries in my portfolio of paintings that are available for purchase. For details and purchasing information, click on a thumbnail. It will take you to the listing at my Etsy Shop with complete details and a larger image.  All paintings are packaged with great care and shipped directly from my studio in Saratoga Springs, NY.  External link opens in new tab or windowemail or call me at 518-583-7280 for additional information. I hope you enjoy your journey in my creative world...

The Art Of Still Life

Landscape & Floral Art

Visionary, Celestial & Angel Art

..... Paintings From "The Zone" Series

Abstract Intuitive Art

One-of-a-kind works of pure creativity

My paintings from "The Zone "  are rich with symbolism and  painted intuitively, moment to moment, without a preconceived vision or any planning on my part. I consider these paintings Ultra Original works of art. When I begin these paintings, it is with the intention of keeping my mind as clear and free of any preconceived ideas and just dip my brush into the first color that attracts me, following the spontaneous, intuitive, movement from bran to hand to canvas or paper. The results are always a complete surprise!

Paintings from "The Zone"  are available for purchase directly from me. The larger (horizontal) 24" x 30" pieces are $1,450.00. The smaller (vertical) 20" x 24" are $900. For additional information or to  purchase, External link opens in new tab or windowemail me or call me at 518-583-7280.

Paintings  pictured  below are available as prints only.

Print on 13" x 19" paper = $50 + shipping

External link opens in new tab or windowEmail or Call me at 518-583-7280


 Miniature Paintings

3" x 3" Original Oil Paintings On Canvas