Aura Paintings

 Your Aura Made Visible

  Radiant Colorful Aura Paintings by Marina Petro

For as long as I can remember Iíve had the ability to sense color around people. It is how I discovered my intuitive abilities and began my professional life as an intuitive consultant over 35 years ago.You can read about the experience here. Iím certain you will find it interesting.

Your aura, or energy field is like a map of what you are experiencing.  It contains the past, present, unfolding future, mental, emotional, spiritual qualities,  the subconscious and more. I have indicated where these elements generally appear in the first painting below.

I was recently inspired to begin painting auras and offering them to individuals interested in a visual representation of their aura/energy I perceive it.

You will receive a colorful painting on canvas panel or stretched canvas (in any size you'd like) illustrating the colors I perceive emanating from and around you and visible in your energy field at that time. Your painting will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. I will also provide a sheet illustrating the general meanings of what the colors represent and a printed reproduction of your aura painting on paper indicating where the past, present, future, subconcious and past life energies appear.

What I require to begin your one-of-a-kind painting is a fairly recent photo of you (no sunglasses please) emailed to me at  I will email you a Paypal invoice for payment. You do not need a Paypal account.  Please email me or call me at 518-583-7280 to arrange for your aura painting.

8 x 10 inch Aura Painting on panel:  $150 + shipping.

12 x 12 inch Aura Painting on 1.5 inch deep stretched canvas: $250 + shipping.

Your aura can be painted on on any size. Contact me for pricing.

See below for more examples of aura paintings