Discovering My Psychic-Intuitive Gifts

A question I am frequently asked is how I developed my intuitive/psychic abilities. My students usually get  the fascinating details at the beginning of my workshops but I'll encapsulate the story here.

It happened very suddenly one night in July of 1977. At the time, I was managing Awareness, Inc., an organization my husband, who is a professional psychic, and I began.

We had several excellent psychics on staff who he had trained to the point where they established themselves professionally.  They were planning an evening of 'mini-readings' open to the public, at our New York office. One of them was aware that I 'see' color surrounding people and asked if I'd be interested in offering 'aura paintings'  I accepted the invitation, thinking all I would do is paint the colors I sensed around people and hand them the painting. At the time, I didn't know anything much about the human aura and hadn't attended any of my husband's,  or anyone elses, psychic development programs. I wasn't interested in developing psychically...that was his 'thing.'  I was too busy between the office, raising my three daughters, and painting when time allowed.

So here we go.....The first person sat down to have her colors painted. I focused my attention and began to spontaneously paint the colors I sensed around her. I used acrylic paint and canvas paper.  As I was painting, I began to receive visual and auditory impressions about her, and a little whisper urging me to give her the information I was receiving. I resisted...and kept resisting, until it became clear I had to speak. I began to give her the impressions I was receiving.  The information just flowed as if I was doing this all my life. She confirmed everything I told her. That was the beginning.

I painted four or five more auras  (energy fields) that night. The same thing happened each time. I'd begin to paint and get flooded with information and communicate what I was receiving to the individual. Each person confirmed the accuracy of what I told them.  It was as if the colors themselves were speaking to me. Word got around...people began asking for readings... and here I am...forty years later. That's it in a nutshell.

Perceiving and reading the aura is one of the topics I teach in my  workshops. If you'd like to try it on your own, here's how: Buy a box of 24 Crayola more than 24. All the colors you will need are in that box. Any more gets confusing. Take all the crayons out of the box and put them in front of you. Use any paper you have on hand. Ask a person to sit in front of you or simply bring a person into your awareness whose aura you wish to paint. They do not need to be present. Now, just 'imagine' colors around their head. You will immediately get an impression of color. Begin to put the color down on your paper. I can guarantee, that once you begin, other colors will be 'seen'...keep putting the colors down spontaneously and continue for about 5 minutes. Try doing this one after another so that you do at least 3 people. Pay attention to what you are feeling or sensing with each one. I guarantee that you will have a different experience with each person,,,the colors, shapes, and rhythm of your paintings will be different with each person. You might not be able to do a 'reading' from this first encounter, but it is a good way to begin the process of sensing individual energy fields...

Have fun!